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Happy New Year !!!!!!

Times Square will have a new type of celebration this year with the “clink clink” of a new IPhone application to toast in the New Year and the Waterford Crystal Ball drop.

Party goers will be popping corks and listening to “clink clink” on their cell phones.
A new design of 300 Waterford Crystal triangles interlocks to a ribbon on the 12ft. Waterford Crystal Ball that will withstand rain, snow, wind and every other element imaginable.

This years theme is “Let There Be Courage” and of coarse a Celtic knot to sum it all up. A sight to behold.

The new IPhone application will allow people all over the world to share a virtual toast on their cell phones with images of champagne glasses on their screens and the sound of “clink clink” ringing.

Yellow and red ribbons will be placed on the Waterford Crystal Ball in honor of the soldiers at war and to create awareness for the AIDS virus.

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The ball drop in New Yorks’ Times Square has been a tradition for over a hundred years.

Did you know that the first of the balls to drop were made of wood and cast iron.

Waterford Crystal were commissioned for the new millenniun to be the first to have trianle of hand cut crystals. Each crystal is attached to a bullet proof panel of Lexan, which is of a Perspex nature.

These panels were fixed to an aluminum structure to hold the crystals in place. The colored crystals shine outside, with LED lights on the inside giving the illusion of colors in the millions.

Because of the pyramid shapes and 3D effect, the mirrors reflect the surroundings of Times Square.

Waterford Crystal Ireland have created new designs annually for the crystal ball and its upkeep, with each new pattern since 2000 reflecting hope, courage, healing and unity. This years theme is “Let There Be Courage”

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