A Waterford Crystal Antique Story, What‘s In YOUR Basement? Not too long ago I had a gentleman from Vermont contact me saying he had found a pair of Crystal Lamps in his basement. They were covered with some old sheets and were stored in the corner behind some boxes. Not knowing how long they were actually there, he was wondering if I could advise him on the origin or manufacturer of these footed crystal lamps, could they be possibly Waterford Crystal Antiques?, even without any markings. The story goes… that his Mom and Aunt had been left a Crystal Lamp each, by his grandparents, who had lived in various States, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and eventually settled in Vermont, where he is living now. It’s not sure whether his grandparents had visited Ireland at some point or where the lamps were purchased, or how in fact they came to be in his basement ?

These Crystal Lamps had a Tin base that were somewhat rusted and he proceeded to dismantle the electric components to give them a proper clean-up. The Crystal Lamps measured 16 inches high by 8 inches wide and had a steel rod that he carefully removed and placed aside, in order to wash the crystal, where he placed in a large basement sink. While cleaning the crystal lamps his doorbell rang so he stopped what he was doing and proceeded up the stairs to open the door where he was greeted my an old lady who asked, do you remember me? Richard responded “you do look somewhat familiar“. The old lady said that she was a dear old friend of his Aunt, was visiting her daughter and decided to stop by and see how he was.

He invited the old lady in and offered her some tea, where she went on to explain the friendship. She had in fact met Richard when he was a young boy, while he was visiting his Aunt in Georgia, with his Mom. After many hours of chatting and catching up on old times, Richard asked her if she remembered anything about Crystal Lamps and how they came to be in his Mom’s basement. The old lady explained that many years ago she had given birth out of wedlock as a teenager and her parents sent her to a convent in Ireland where she had become a Nun for many years. The Crystal Lamps had been a gift from their Grandparents to each daughter, and she had the third one. The pair of Crystal Lamps were indeed Waterford Crystal and appraised at a high value, even without the markings and watermark.

It was further discovered that in 1952, three Waterford Crystal Lamps were commissioned by a “yank” who frequently visited Ireland from Southern Georgia in the United States. It was further established that these were some of the “first large crystal pieces” to be produced by the masters of Waterford Crystal. Ireland, post war. So, where’s the best place to buy a Waterford Lamp. Check out the collection here Waterford Lamps

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