Do You Know What Your Waterford Crystal Is Truly Worth, Or How To Have It Expertly Appraised?

To have your Waterford Crystal appraised is not an easy task for Antique Appraisers, Auctioneers, or Estate Agents who are willing to sell off your family heirlooms at vastly reduced prices. These appraisers do a lot of guesswork as to what the actual value of your Waterford Crystal is and hope to satisfy their clients.

For Example :

Did you know that the value of Waterford Crystal Giftware was reduced in cost from the late eighties because of the introduction of diamond wheels with the straight cutting technique method? What this means is that the crystal was hand-cut in one stage and eliminated a lot of time to produce, which was good for the company, in comparison to the two-stage cutting technique of carborundum and sandstone wheels, where a piece of crystal was rough cut first with a Carborundum wheel and then smoothed out with a Sandstone wheel.

Crystal Appraisals can vary in valuation of 30% to 50% depending on lots of factors, one of them being the fact that more Waterford craftsmen hours went into each crystal piece, prior to 1986. Another factor is the period of when it was produced, whether it was a Limited Edition, a Master-Cutter Trophy piece produced in the Special Dept. or a Chandelier that was assembled in harmony by the masters of Waterford Crystal Ireland.

So, as you can see, lots of factors will come into play on how to determine and appraise the true value of your Waterford Crystal and a daunting task for general antique appraisers. That is why it’s best to have it appraised by an expert.

James Connolly is a retired Waterford Crystal Master Cutter/Engraver/Appraiser with 36 years experience, offering his services of expert appraisals on your Waterford Crystal by way of photographs to determine its true value. Contact James at his website