With all the problems and changes going on at Waterford Crystal Ireland it is very difficult but not impossible to spot a “fake” piece of Waterford Crystal. In the future there will be no more “hand cut” or “mouth blown” new Waterford Crystal pieces on the market. The famous crystal company filed bankruptcy and closed down its manufacturing plant in early 2009. With just a handful of workers left to keep the showroom open, visitors will no longer be able to take the factory tour.

How You Can Identify Waterford Crystal Special Report You might think that only an expert can identify real Waterford Crystal and what period your beautiful crystal was manufactured, or if indeed it is Waterford Crystal at all? Now you can too, through a special report by an expert. James Connolly has compiled a Special Report on “How To Spot A Waterford Crystal Fake”.

James is a retired Waterford Crystal Master Cutter and expert Waterford Crystal Appraiser. This report covers topics and answers questions such as ~ what to look for in a piece of Waterford Crystal. Buying and Selling Waterford Crystal on eBay. The acid watermark with the name “Waterford” on the base and the seahorse logo. How to distinguish the genuine Waterford Crystal product and what might be fake? How to study a piece of Waterford Crystal. This report is for everyone that has Waterford Crystal in his or her home and makes a good reference guide to determine if your Waterford Crystal is genuine of fake? You can download a copy right to your computer, this Special Report on “How to Spot A Waterford Crystal Fake” in PDF and be reading in minutes. Please allow 24 hours for download delivery. The cost is $17.

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