How To Identify Waterford Crystal Patterns and Designs.

So, you have a collection of Waterford Crystal that was purchased in better times.
Or, Joannie remarked: Let’s get Mary and John a special crystal gift for their anniversary
this year. And so my friends,the collection of Waterford Crystal starts and
has accumulated, but do you know what pattern it is, or how to identify this pattern.

Waterford Crystal has produced many patterns over the years and are varied as light in the rainbow
The popular ones are Lismore, Colleen, Shannon, Tramore and are easily identified by connoisseurs
in the crystal loving business.I had the privilege of knowing most of the chief designers and listened
to their thought process on why they named a particular pattern the way they did

These particular designs are not so easily recognized by the average home owner
or consumer of this molten liquid. Sometimes you need professional help to identify these
particular patterns and designs.

Its easy for me and some of you, to identify the regular Waterford patterns but the average
guy or gal will not have a clue and depend on professional help to identify one of these master pieces.
Yes, you can go online and research to find the answer but this will only get you so far as the process
is very tedious, some might say looking for a needle in a haystack and probably eventually hit a brick wall.

Included Patterns:
Alana, Allaire, Araglin, Ashbourne, Ashling, Avoca, Ballylee, Ballymore, Ballyshannon, Boyne,Carina, Carleton Gold, Castlemaine, Castletown, Chelsea, Clare, Claria, Colleen Short Stem, Colleen Tall Stem, Comeragh, Curraghmore, Donegal, Eileen, Glengarriff, Lismore, Grenville, Hanover Gold, Hanover Platinum, Kathleen, Kelsey, Kenmare, Kildare, Kinsale, Kylmore, Laurent, Lismore, Lucerne, Maeve, Powerscourt, Rosslare, Shandon, Sheila, Tramore, Tyrone, Wyndmere and many more!

Waterford Crystal Pattern GuideWaterford Crystal Pattern Guide in PDF Format