If you are looking to find out what your Waterford Crystal is worth and  trying to sell it without professional appraisal costs, this special report will guide/show you just that in five easy to follow steps. Its called “How To Appraise and Sell Your Waterford Crystal”  The reason this guide was put together is to save you money on Professional Crystal Appraisal costs, especially if you plan on selling your Waterford Crystal.

Now there is a easy way to Appraise and Sell your Waterford Crystal without hefty crystal appraisal fees. With a little research you can do this on your own!
This is an easy how to, step-by-step eBook guide, in PDF format to help you put a value on your Waterford Crystal items.

It will also show you how to sell it yourself online.

The average cost to have one piece of  Waterford Crystal professionally appraised is between $25 and $75.

The cost of this appraisal guide will save you a bunch of money on Appraisal fees.

This guide is especially for those that want to sell their Waterford Crystal and get a fair price.

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The following is the new contemporary Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond collection of gift ware. Its a beautiful new design just introduced by Waterford Crystal Ireland and less expensive than the original Lismore pattern designed by Miroslav Havel in the 1950s

The new Lismore Diamond collection is a series of upright cutting, flanked by circlular ring cutting to give this an extra sparkle and create the appearance of a diamond lustre. Items in this giftware category include a Lismore Diamond Square Serving Tray, Lismore Diamond Vodka Set, Lismore Diamond Caviar Server with Silver Insert, Lismore Diamond Red Wine and Flute, Lismore Diamond Pitcher, Classic Lismore Diamond Clock and many more.

Click on the pictures below to order one of these beautiful gifts in a contemporary new pattern by the name of Waterford Lismore Diamond. Simply stunning!

The feminine side of Waterford Crystal’s Monique Lhuillier with her range of modern designs in brilliant crystal,
china and home decor gift ware. Some of the brands and designs that Monique is promoting are Adrianne Crystal
Sunday Rose China and a Modern Love Cake Topper and a beautiful selection of items that are moderately priced.

Diane Monique Lhuillier is mostly a fashion designer and prominently known for her bridal wear designs.
She owns a couture fashion house based in Los Angeles, California.
Lhuillier has become a celebrity favorite for both wedding and red carpet gowns and now crystal.

The following are some of the crystal pieces that Monique designs with Waterford Crystal

Monique Lhuillier Waterford : Shop the entire Collection

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